Company Culture

Clothing inspection and fabric testing


With the continuous improvement of the international market share of China's clothing, foreign customers, especially the developed countries, have a strict demand for the quality of our exports, and the internal quality of the fabric has led to more and more obstacles to the export. On the morning of April 26, 2018, according to the study arrangement, the trade union of the chemical fiber company organized a business symposium entitled "clothing inspection and fabric testing". The purpose of this symposium is to further improve the quality of our export textiles, strengthen the professional knowledge and theoretical level of our company's business personnel, and better meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. We had the pleasure of inviting two experts from Zhengzhou Tian Fang Textile Technology Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Qi, general manager and Mr. Qi Yuming, the chief engineer.
Wang introduced the basic situation of Zhengzhou Tian Fang Textile Technology Service Co. Zhengzhou Tian Fang Textile Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a professional textile fabric testing and testing institution, which enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Its predecessor is a German TP testing laboratory in China, and has a complete set of advanced fabric inspection and testing equipment. After briefly introducing the basic situation of the company, Wang Zonghe shared his own experience and knowledge of the industry for many years. Subsequently, the staff of chemical fiber company, according to their own daily work in some of the fabric problems, such as Wang sum Qi Gong learning exchanges.
Finally, comrade Pang Zhijuan, deputy general manager of chemical fiber company, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the two experts on behalf of the company. The forum was lively and harmonious, and the staff members spoke enthusiastically and raised some problems they encountered. The symposium workers have benefited a lot, and have a clearer understanding of the inspection and inspection of clothing materials, and will be more passionate and confident to meet the future work and challenges.

The financial accounting model of import and export business


With the development of the new era and the continuous deepening of the enterprise reform, in order to cultivate a high-quality staff and staff, give full play to the role of the union "University School", promote the cooperation among the various departments of the company, play a new role of the old belt, improve the moral sentiment and business of the workers and staff, and make the decision of the trade union of the chemical fiber company of Henan Province in 2018 In order to build up a strong atmosphere of loving work and dedication, diligence, striving for progress, solidarity and mutual assistance, we organize staff to carry out a series of learning activities, and promote the company's work to a new level.
In the afternoon of March 13, 2018, the trade union of Henan chemical fiber company first organized a learning activity entitled "the financial accounting model of the import and export business of the company", which was taught by the financial department of the company. It aims to strengthen the business learning, strengthen cooperation and improve work efficiency within the scope of the company. Vice president of finance Du Hui first introduced the company's financial learning background in 2018, the study plan, the study requirements, and hope to take this opportunity to further improve the working level of the company's financial staff. Subsequently, Chen Bin, deputy manager of the finance department, made a business presentation on the "financial accounting mode of the company's import and export business". Chen Bin gives a comprehensive and detailed explanation from four aspects of business income and expenditure, business accounting and so on. After listening to Mr. Chen's lecture, we all expressed a preliminary or further understanding of the financial accounting work of the import and export business of the company.
Finally, comrade Shi Xiaoyan, the chairman of the trade union of the company, summed up his study today. At the same time, thanks to the finance department's careful preparation, careful explanation and wonderful sharing, the first lesson of today is a good beginning. In the future work, the trade union will bring a variety of courses, such as business, life, and so on for the workers. Learning, it will also bring more professional and more wonderful content to everyone through the company department business lecture, and invite experts and professors to make the workers more comfortable in their work, more happy in life, and provide a wider space and stage for the workers to realize their self worth.